Howard Johnson Jr.


Howard Johnson Jr. is a stand up comedian and actor from Minneapolis, Mn. Inspired by comedians like Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappell, and Chris Rock he began writing jokes incorporating their styles and performing at the comedy venues around town. He has gone on to study theater and film at the University of Minnesota and moved onto planting roots in the Bay Area as a local actor and comedian. Later moving to Los Angeles and studying with the Upright Citizens Brigade. Howard currently resides in LA where he performs stand up along with film, television and voice over.


 Howard J.'s comedy delivers an entertaining, polished blend of stories, one-liners, characters and impersonations. In addition to headlining and hosting, Howard produces shows through Magnum Opus Entertainment. A production company that that produces stage plays, films, educational videos, and content for social media.  Which, for over a decade they have collaborated with community organizations to teach screenwriting, directing, and graphic design to lower income youth in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, as well as his hometown in Minneapolis, Mn.  Mr. Johnson has also taught internationally, working with Zuni Migoze founder of the Bridge Initiative Kenya. Where he brought his love of theater and story telling to the children of Inyali school in Kenya.  Where the they translated an old African Folklore into english and staged it, performing throughout several cities within Kenya. A clip of the performance is here for you to view .